Should I use fixed or dynamic IP addresses?

Should I use fixed or dynamic IP addresses?

Best practice is to use a fixed IP address.
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    • What is the IP Finder Utility?

      AvaLAN’s IP Finder Utility are windows based programs that will discover AvaLAN Wireless radio’s on a Local Area network.
    • Do I have to use the POE provided with the radio?

      AvaLAN radios use forced POE injection and do not respond to 802.3af or 802.3at supported POE switches. A POE convertor is required to power an AvaLAN radio. Part # AW-POE-CON
    • Which radio should I use? Why not use a WiFi system?

      WiFi systems are generally less secure, due to their popularity, and may not work well due to radio saturation and interference. Range and saturation issues are exaggerated by the wider channels utilized by WiFi and range can be reduced by the ...
    • How can I know what channel is the best to use?

      Each AvaLAN radio is designed to find the best frequency/channel available. If the radio is having a hard time doing this because of interference, it has built-in tools such as a spectrum analyzer to observe channel behavior and allow you to choose ...
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      Set your laptop to and attempt to ping all fueling points (Standard Gilbarco protocol is for fueling point 1 and each fueling point will increment up one address)   If the ping is successful, try to open a telnet session to ...